1974 - Part 2

Pambos is walking near Finsbury Park, in North London, when Errol, a young 12-year-old runs up to him.

Mr Pambos! Mr Pambos!

My father asked me to look for you and take you to him. He has something urgent that he needs to tell you.

Errol, I am busy now. I must go to the restaurants. Tell him I will see him in a few days.

Mr Pambos, please you must come with me. If he finds out that I saw you but didn't bring you to him I will get a beating!

[Pambos laughs]
Alright, but let's try and be quick.

Pambos and Errol walk for a few minutes and then enter a corridor that sits to the side of an ironmongers.

As they begin to walk down the passageway, Errol runs ahead and shouts to his father that he has ‘found Mr Pambos’.

There is a sudden and uniform noise of chairs being moved and dragged along the floor.

As Pambos walks in to what he realises is a Turkish Cypriot coffee shop, he notices that the venue is full and that men of all ages are standing.

Mehmet (Errol’s father) and Levent, the coffee shop proprietor, come forward.

Mr Pambos, Mehmet has told us all what you said and did in your kafenio a few days ago.

We understand that you did not get to have your coffee that morning. We have made a coffee for you just the way you like it.

Please take a seat and enjoy it with us.

[Nods and smiles at all those that are standing]

Please, please all of you take your seats.

Mehmet, Levent, you did not have to do this.

Oh, yes, we did Mr Pambos. As you yourself said, dark times may be coming for all of us and our small country. We wanted you to know that we very much respect what you said, and that you are always welcome here.

Now please sit and have your coffee before it gets cold.

When we say, you are welcome Mr Pambos, if your luck in ‘Tavli’ (backgammon) and ‘Konga' (card game) persists, we may have to re-think the whole thing!

It's all skill ‘re goumbare’ (my best man)!

Not luck!

[Everyone in the coffee shop erupts in laughter].