Cypriot Coffee

The world's very first coffee house opened in Constantinople in 1475. From this early start, coffee houses sprung up all over the Imperial city and then throughout the Ottoman Empire. The coffee that they served was of the same texture as the modern Cypriot coffee that is consumed today all over Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East, enjoyed by Pashas and villagers alike.

Since the fifteenth century the ritual of Cypriot coffee has attained preeminent importance and standing in daily social life. In the home, it is unthinkable for any guest, however unexpected, not to be offered a coffee within minutes of crossing the threshold. A village is incomplete without its 'kafenio'; the traditional coffee house where friends are met and business conducted, whilst men loudly play 'tavli' (backgammon) and debate the politics of the day.

Of all the products that P S Lambis seeks to bring to you, none has caused as much surprise to producers as the coffee. All were convinced that the marketing of Cypriot coffee to a country where Italian coffee tastes were so dominant was foolhardy. With the growing appreciation for global alternatives we respectfully disagree.

It is not intended that OSO Cypriot Coffee should replace your cappuccino but instead form another unique coffee experience, rich in history as it is in taste. Its preparation is a ritual that maintains the traditions that started in 1475: patience, care and the individual taste of those who are to drink it.

It cannot be rushed but, unlike espresso-based coffee, can be made at home with little practice and excellent results.

For the best way to prepare, serve and enjoy OSO Cypriot Coffee please see follow this link.

OSO Cypriot Coffee is supplied to P S Lambis by the oldest coffee roasters in Cyprus. It is a finely stone-ground coffee whose precise recipe has been a closely-guarded secret passed down through the generations of this family business. Its high percentage of arabica ensures a smooth and unrivalled taste with a 'kaimaki' topping that is the envy of its competitors.


How to prepare OSO Cypriot coffee?

OSO Cypriot Coffee will be available to purchase from our online store in the new year.