Cypriot Honey

Honey has always played a significant role in Greek life. Records of its use and importance go back to mythological times when it was used as an offering to the gods and many philosophers attributed it with great longevity. Alexander the Great's body was preserved in it to be transported back to Greece and Athenaeus writes of 'pure honey, his most choice of treasures'.

Greeks have viewed honey not only as an important food, but also as a healing medicine and a social medium that would show friendship, kinship and peace. This ranged from not just cakes made from or sweetened with honey but also goat and sheep cheeses mixed with it to make a moreish delicacy. Indeed, throughout Greek history the bee has not only been prized for its honey and wax but used as an emblem of its leaders and cities. 

Our goal at P S Lambis is to bring you a honey whose taste and pedigree is exceptional and second to none.

OSO Honey is supplied exclusively to P S Lambis by a small family business that has some one thousand six hundred beehives across the island of Cyprus. This is the same producer of the honey crowned the world’s best at the 2013 World Beekeeping Awards in Kiev, despite competition from one hundred and twelve other honey samples from twenty five other nations.

The secret to the stature of our honey is it’s aroma and flavour, based as it is on the wide variety of native flora growing under the warm Cypriot sun. The beekeepers use their experience to guide the bees to the best quality blooms during each season consistently ensuring ultimate taste and quality.

Both our OSO Thyme and OSO Wildflower varieties are worthy ambassadors of this proud Greek heritage.

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