The Olive Oil

OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kampia is the first ever Premium Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Republic of Cyprus. Its quality, taste and richness echo the care, time and affection taken to produce it.

In Cyprus there is nothing more sacred than the olive tree and its harvest. It embodies respect for the land and its fertility, love and honour of shared heritage and, of course, taste; everything it is to be Cypriot. Its branches are braided into marriage wreaths and are an international symbol of peace and olive leaves are burnt to ward off evil spirits. It is crucial in all the key moments of life from birth to the last rights.

Olive oil's role extends from the daily bustle of Cypriot kitchens to all the key moments of life.

The island's sun, excellent soil and limited moisture combine to produce a perfect environment for the growing of olives. Yet despite these natural gifts and Cyprus's love for its sacred product, the small island has often been unable to meet its own demands for olive oil. Olive grove owners have either been able to produce just enough oil to supply their own immediate needs or are forced to blend their oil with neighbouring estates in order to extend supply. Because of the relative scarcity of large estates it is extremely rare to have production of an extra virgin olive oil from just one source.

Our goal at P S Lambis is to bring you just that: an exceptional premium extra virgin olive produced from one single estate, which has the highest possible standards of quality and production. We believe we have succeeded.

OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kampia is produced from the highest quality, hand-harvested Koroneiki variety of olive, grown on an estate which has been in the same family for generations.

We have managed to secure a limited supply of this exceptional product. Cold pressed on the same day as picking for the finest quality and taste, the oil is left to rest for several months to allow the natural separation of the sediment to retain its quality and taste. Once ready, it is bottled and labelled by hand.

It has everything that we strive for at P S Lambis.

Visit our Vimeo Channel to get a unique insight into the making of OSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and see the sun-drenched Cypriot hillsides from which it is sourced.

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