Protection - Part 2

Pambos is sitting at a table in his restaurant in East London. With him is his wife Eve who is eight months pregnant. They are having dinner with friends.

Just as the waiter brings them their main course, a brick smashes into the glass frontage of the restaurant shattering all over Pambos, Eve and the patrons.

At the same time a group of men in balaclavas enter the restaurant with bats and knuckle dusters. They indiscriminately begin to smash tables and the restaurant.

Two rush towards Pambos and begin to hit him with their weapons.

Pambos fights back with all his might.

[Screaming in Greek, takes off one of her shoes and begins to strike the stiletto heel into the heads of the men attacking Pambos.]

‘Voithia ton Pambo oli sas’! (everyone help Pambos)!

Staff come running from the kitchen and from behind the bar to assist Pambos, but there are too many men with weapons against them.

Next time you're asked to pay some protection money, you better bloody pay it all right matey? Think of all the money you're going to have to spend now on fixing all this up. It would ‘ave been a lot cheaper to just ‘ave paid up!

Take this as a warning - and as far as you're mad wife is concerned, you should both thank your lucky stars she's up the duff, or she’d get some of this too.

Let's go.

You're bleeding ‘Pambou mou' [my Pambos].

It's not my head that worries me, I think my arm may be broken. I can't move it all.

Christos (Restaurant Manager)
Eve you sit down and rest whilst the staff clear up.

I will take Pambos to the hospital.