Protection - Part 3

Several weeks have passed since the attack on Pambos and the restaurant. Pambos is standing behind the bar with his left hand in plaster.

The short, stocky man again enters the restaurant.
This time he is on his own.

Pambos reaches for a bat he has now placed under the till.

It's all right matey. I'm not here for a fight or nothing like that.

Sorry to see what’s happened to your arm like.

I'm just here to ask you a question. Alright? Just relax.

My question is - a few days ago did you see a woman being teased
by a couple of likely lads on the high street?

What has that got to do with you?

Please just humour me.

Tell me what happened. I promise ya I'm not here for trouble.

I don't know why you would want to know this, but yes, I saw an old lady pushing her trolley bag and two boys started teasing her.
She dropped some of the shopping and they laughed at her.

I got angry and got hold of one of them. I may have slapped him a little. Then I just helped the lady pick up her shopping and made sure she got to her home alright.

That's it.

I hear you lost your mum when you were very young.

Be very careful where you are going my friend. You say one thing about my mother and you will not be leaving this restaurant in the way you came in, and I don't care if the gates of hell open and take me.

I meant no disrespect mate, believe me.
It's just you mentioned it to the lady.

But how do you know that?

Well, it's your lucky day matey.

That old lady is my guvnor’s auntie, and when she told them what you did they asked me to come ‘ere and tell you that their grateful and the order has gone out that you're not be touched.

You've got our protection whether you want it or not, and you don't even have to stomp up any readies for it!