The Boat Trip

Background noise of a ship entering a harbour, horns blasting, people talking and children playing and voices shouting excitedly calling to one another.

Young Female Voice
[No more than 9 years old]

Mama...look those four ladies with yayia (grandmother) are waving at us and shouting your name! Who are they? 

[Eve, Mother of Eleni]

They are my girlfriends from the village. I have known them since I was a baby.


Why are they dressed differently from the other ladies, and what are they holding up in those little trays?


They are dressed a little differently because they are Turkish Cypriots and they are holding lovely honey cakes to welcome us to Cyprus.

Male Voice
[Gruff Male Voice]

They and their kind shouldn't be here at all!


How dare you! Who are you to say such a thing!


Mama, why is that man being mean?


I don't know my darling but promise me something?
When you grow up, promise me you will always remember who came to this harbour to greet you, your little brother and your mama with sweets of honey and joy to your homeland.

[Eleni can be heard singing and playing.]

Eleni, are you listening? What did I just say?


I promise mama.
When I grow up I will always remember who came to the harbour to meet us with sweet honey.


Good girl. Now let's wave back.