The Coffee Deal

Vintage Greek music playing as walking and chucking heard. Walking into a 'Kafenion' (Cypriot coffee shop).

Man 1
[Good humoured and friendly.]

Your price may well be reasonable but I am not in the mood to agree to your proposal. Perhaps if you were to add a little something to your deal?

[Young male voice around 13 years old, excited and happy.]

If you agree to my terms I will buy coffee for everyone in the kafenio and I will say it is from you!

Male 2
[Gruff and mocking.]

Ha! The little orphan boy with no shoes is going to buy coffee for everyone! I don’t think so! [laugh/smirk].

Male 1
[Soft and soothing.]

Don’t let him see you cry. The man is a fool.
Tell me my young friend, who were your parents?

[Emotional and holding back tears.]

My father was Stelios and my mother was Eleni Lambis.

Male 1
[Soft and chuckling.]

I should have guessed. You have the charm of your mother and the wiliness of your father.

Your business proposition has become unexpectedly attractive to me.
I will agree to your transaction on two conditions. First, you will buy coffee for everyone in the kafenio. Everyone except the fool, and I want you to make sure that he sees you are buying coffee for everyone except him.

Second, you will buy coffee for everyone not in your or my name but in the name of your mother and father.

Do we have an agreement?


Yes sir!