The First Taste

Background noise of barbeque grills, villagers talking and children playing. Intense heat with mosquitoes and cricket noises in background.

Male Voice
[Barbeque Handler - Loud and Gruff]


[Woman mumbling to her child that he she should hand her bread over to the barbeque man.]

Young Male Voice

‘Bapou’ [grandfather], when will it be our turn to have our bread put on the barbeque and try the new olive oil? I'm tired. We seem to have been waiting a long time? We were before those people that just went up. It seemed a lot quicker when I came here with mama.

Older Male Voice
[The Grandfather]

Soon Pambos, soon. There is just a lot of people.

Different Young Male Voice

Pambos, don't you know that kids with no parents always have to go last!


Shame on you!
Close your mouth Dimitri or I will tell your father!

New Younger Voice

If that's right then I will be here forever.
I don't even have a grandfather like you Pambos!

Barbeque Man 

OK. We're going to be shutting down now.
Is there anyone who hasn't had his bread toasted for the olive oil?


Andreas. Go on take your bread to the barbeque.


But you were before me Pambos. It's your turn.


It's OK. I can wait a bit longer. You go. Bapou...why are you crying?


Uh. Uh. I am not crying Pambos. I just have something in my eye from the barbeque. Quick run to the barbeque with your bread. It will be your turn in a moment. And don't forget to grab a slice of halloumi too.

(Voice over of the grandfather)

As I watched my orphaned grandson that day run towards the large barbeque grills toasting the bread for the fresh olive oil that had just been produced in our small village, I could see that the spirit, compassion and heart of my daughter Eleni were alive and well.