The Man

"At that moment coming from the lower road could be seen Pambos Lambis. A handsome 18-year-old youth with beautifully prepared hair that made him look like a young Tyrone Power. Jovial, good-hearted with a smile always on his face and with a good morning for all. To the many black clothed widows he encountered on his path, he greeted them as though they were his own relatives and as if grateful that he was enjoying, for one more day, the quiet life of the village.

The young Pambos had the passion of enterprise within him, the same passion that at a very young age drove him to England, where he became a successful businessman, without ever losing his forthcoming features, his sweet smile or his unfailing love of his fellow man."

Excerpt from ‘This is How I Remember My Village, Ayia Fyla’
By Petros Pantelides (1992)

The Company

The Company

This description of my father when he was still a young man always struck me as an amazing testament to how one can interact with others despite the turmoil in your own life, not least losing your mother when you are only nine years old.

In the decades that followed, my father enjoyed many great adventures, built (and lost) business empires. Yet throughout all these times two things remained constant: as long as the family were together we were invincible, and as long as our food was of the very best quality everything else was secondary. If there was a good movie on then things were never quite as bad as they might seem!

The P S Lambis Company Limited brings you ΟΣΟ/OSO. In Greek this means ‘as long' or 'as much’: an array of exceptional foods, each of which played a significant and crucial role in my father’s life.

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